Doan, Minh Phuong

MPA, Indiana University

After graduating from Vietnam Foreign Trade University, Doan Minh Phuong joined the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in 2008. During her time at VCCI, Phuong became an expert in the fields of business consulting and training as she was directly involved in the design and development of training programs for Vietnamese small and medium enterprises. In 2010, Phuong was awarded A Vietnam Young Leaders Scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington. During the two years of training at Indiana University, as Head of External Relations for the Vietnamese Students and Professionals Association in the U.S, Phuong was able to see first-hand the challenges of young Vietnamese who seek to study in the US. With a background in education and training, Phuong understands and appreciates the importance of developing quality human resources for the growing job market of Vietnam in the new era. APUS was thus born. Today, Phuong continues to be an active member in different Vietnamese communities in America. Her dream is to build APUS into the education bridge between Vietnam and America.

Tran, Dac Minh Trung

B.A. University of Pennsylvania &M.Ed., Harvard University

Tran Dac Minh Trung’s study abroad experience is a great example of a “love for learning.” He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A, received a M.Ed. from Harvard University, and a M.Sc. in Marketing from Indiana University. Trung is currently a doctoral candidate at HEC Paris.
Over his years abroad, Trung assumed the role of vice president of Scholarship at Phi Theta Kappa’s Beta Delta Omicron Chapter. Trung has been involved in the field of education in a number of roles. During 2009–2010, Trung jointly coordinated a portfolio of multiple education development programs with honor students in Tarrant County, Texas. Notably, his group was applauded for the tutoring project at Sam Houston High School with 5-star rating by local authorities. At the University of Pennsylvania, Trung provided orientation and advising for newly arrived international students. During 2013 – 2014, Trung was Technology and Education Fellow at Harvard iLab’s Tandem ED, a benefactor of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, specializing in the delivery of continued academic and professional success for American college- bound students.
In aiding students’ transition into college, Trung utilizes his expertise as an award-winning marketer and personal brand builder. As development strategist at APUS, Trung brings his years of experience and passion to help our students.

Dang, Thi Thuy Anh

MPA, Indiana University

Dang Thuy Anh has a B.A (Honors Program) in Linguistics and Translation from Hanoi University and an MPA in Policy Analysis and Non-profit Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. Thuy Anh is a passionate advocate for higher education. One of her major education projects is developing educational assessment materials for the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland in the U.S. As a faculty member of the English Department at Hanoi University, Thuy Anh is particularly enthusiastic about helping Vietnamese students develop their autonomous learning skills and English language competency through her Academic Public Speaking and Introduction to Qualitative Research Writing courses. Thuy Anh is passionate about helping students prepare for study abroad programs. She firmly believes that with good preparation and guidance from experienced and committed educators, more Vietnamese students will realize their “American dream” and be successful academically, socially and professionally wherever they are.

Dinh, Cong Bang

PhD Candidate, Florida State University

Dinh Cong Bang currently works as a Senior Justice Information Systems Analyst for Leon County Board of Commissioners in Florida. With more than a decade of experience working and living in America, he is knowledgeable about the U.S. Education system, culture and business environment. Mr. Dinh is also the founder of VietPhD (, a vibrant knowledge community of Vietnamese students and scholars around the world. He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia with a Master Degree in Engineering in 1998 and then, pursued a doctorate in Information Science from Florida State University.

Dang, Minh Tuan

B.S., Paris 11 University, Orsay, France& M.Sc., University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France

Dang Minh Tuan attended the Undergraduate Honor Program at the University of NaturalScience, Hanoi National University, Vietnam where he was awarded a scholarship to transfer to Paris 11 University, Orsay, France to complete his bachelor degree. He continued his education in France and received his M.A from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France in 2008.
Mr. Tuan has a unique relationship with Vietnamese youth. Graduating from the Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the gifted and Vietnam’s Maths and Physics Olympiad team, he has trained talented Vietnamese students to compete in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in India in 2013. Thanks to his guidance, the Vietnam team won 1 Gold Medal and 5 Silver Medals in this competition. In 2014, Mr. Tuan accompanied students to participate in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) in South Korea and achieved 3 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals and 8 Bronze Medals. He also accompanied students to the International Mathematics Competition in China in 2015. This time, the Vietnam team was proudly ranked first with 3 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals. In 2013, Mr. Tuan was among 72 teachers from various high schools for the gifted across the country to participate in a training program on Teaching Maths and Science subjects in English language organized by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.
Mr. Tuan is also the founder of EDU TALK – Vietnam, an education forum with the mission to connect talented Vietnamese people with a passion for the country’s education development. Joining APUS, Mr. Tuan hopes to demonstrate to young Vietnamese seeking to study abroad the values that one can take away from each education system, to improve skills and knowledge, and to make meaningful contribution to their homeland.

Luu, Nhat Minh

MPH, Emory University

In 2013, Luu Nhat Minh was awarded a scholarship for a Master Program of Public Health at Emory Unveristy. Upon graduation, Emory offered Minh full scholarship to pursue a doctorate in Public Health. Joining APUS, Minh hopes to help Vietnamese students to gain admission and scholarships to higher education programs in public health in the United States.

Kim, Hong Ngoc

B.A., DePauw University & M.A., Claremont McKenna College

Kim Hong Ngoc is a graduate from DePauw University (B.A. in Economics) and Claremont McKenna College (M.A. in Finance). She was the youngest Teaching Assistant for three departments: Mathematics, Economics and Psychology, also the only Economics major to win the Research Assistant grant for her summer study “Characteristics of U.S. colleges’ endowments: An Empirical Study.” Her wish is to assist Vietnamese youth in their quest to American higher education. As an international student herself, Ngoc understands the value of good planning to have a successful college career abroad. At APUS, she helps students through the application process, from standardized tests, picking schools, writing essays, finishing application packages, to introducing them to U.S. culture and academic environment. Ngoc believes that success is where preparation and opportunities meet. With that, she offers to help students prepare themselves as well as possible so that they are ready to meet opportunities on the path towards realizing their American dream.

Doan, Thi Ha My

B.A. City University London- MBA, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

With more than seven years living abroad as a student, Doan Thi Ha My has broad experience in study abroad and the desire to share it with prospective students. She spent two years studying A-levels with full scholarship at Saint Michael’s college and three years completing her Bachelor’s degree in banking and finance at Cass Business School, City University, UK. She returned to Vietnam and worked for SeABank and Standard Chartered Bank to gain work experience and prepare for further studies. She received MBA at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Having studied and benefited from the world’s leading countries in education, My has the passion to share her experience to help students find the right path, make the right decision for their education. She believes a study abroad opportunity is alife-changing that students can make the most out of.

Doan, Thi Minh Trang

B.A., Indiana University

Doan Thi Minh Trang is a Market Research Analyst & Brand Ambassador Manager at the Proof Project, Inc, an organization specialized in consulting and proving educational solutions to students and their families in Atlanta, Georgia. Trang’s journey in America began in 2009 when she was accepted to the two highly regarded boarding schools, Loomis Chaffee and Wyoming Seminary. Trang has a BA in Public Policy Analysis from Indiana University. During her time in college, Trang helped to establish the Only Rice is Not Enough project, which provides nutritious food in elementary schools of poor regions on Vietnam. What motivates her every single day to do this work is her belief that all children, no matter where they are from, deserve a safe and healthy living environment. Her vision is to incite the whole society to invest in early education because this is the most strategic way to make a positive impact on one’s life. With more than 7 years of work-study experience in the U.S, along with her current professional background in educational field, Trang is eager to offer young Vietnamese students the tools needed to succeed in applying to top high schools and universities in the U.S.

Ngo, Thien Thanh

B.S./B.A., University of Rochester& Psy.D., Roosevelt University

Ngo Thien Thanh graduated from the University of Rochester with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, where she received full tuition scholarship with additional financial aid. Currently, Thanh is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University. Thanh is an active member of many Vietnamese and international student organizations in the US and Canada. She understands the difficulties that international students face and is eager to guide students not only through the admission process but their entire training. Her passion is to help other students to pursue their dreams. Thanh believes that quality guidance to students seeking to study abroad from an early stage will help them go far.


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