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Tự “cày” nâng điểm SAT trong 3 tháng!

New SAT: Weekly Three Month Study Plan This is really the sweet spot for being well prepared. If you’re taking the SAT in 3 months, you have just enough time to become an expert on the test and not let your grades suffer (especially if you’re on summer break). But with this amount of time, it can


Tự “cày” nâng điểm TOEFL trong 1 tháng!

Magoosh – If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably already familiar with Magoosh’s free resources for TOEFL students, like our Guide to the TOEFL iBT ebook, our vocabulary flashcards, our Practice Questions PDF, our TOEFL email course, our full-length TOEFL practice test set, and our downloadable and printable TOEFL Vocabulary PDF. Our TOEFL experts also read and review the most popular TOEFL books so