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APUS Career Roadmap program is a personalized career coaching and internship match program for both high school and college students. The program is designed to provide students between the ages of 15-22 with resources and support they need to explore their career options, and successfully navigate the job market and find opportunities that align with their career goals.


APUS Internship program is an innovative, advanced, entrepreneurial approach to education that is designed to give both high school and college students hands-on, real world experience in global business and entrepreneurship. We collaborate with industry partners to offer our students a range of internship opportunities that are relevant to their career goals and provide them with the chance to learn from experienced professionals in their field.

An intensive program that provides a personalized career coaching program to address any career questions about job search tools, resume and cover letter templates, and networking opportunities. This aims to help a college student to land their very first job in the field of their choice and sustain a long-term career focus in the U.S. 

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