About APUS


APUS is pioneering new methods in designing effective, successful U.S. School Admission Solutions for Vietnamese students wishing to truly experience American education. APUS has one primary mission: to provide professional and practical admission counseling that significantly improves students’ probability of attaining admission to leading U.S. high schools and universities, supplemented by significant scholarships and financial aid packages.
Additionally, sophomores can get additional help in finding internships in the U.S. A number of APUS programs also assist graduates in exploring opportunities to launch their careers in the U.S. before returning to Vietnam. Our counselors know these processes first-hand. They have all personally graduated from top-ranked U.S.
Universities themselves. Their extensive experience in working with students and universities directly ensures that the counseling and advices that students and their families receive will produce the best results in the college application process.


Head Office: No.16, 1150 Lane, Duong Lang Street, Hanoi
Branch 1: Room 605, 93 Lo Duc Street, Hanoi

Two key counseling programs

Develop a genuinely well-rounded application

We focus on developing a well-rounded application that reflects the true personality and strengths of the student.

Develop self-knowledge that focuses students' goals

Our personal consultants work closely with individual students not only to enhance their applications, but also to help them on their journey to discover their unique skills, strengths, and personality. By working with APUS, students develop self-knowledge that focuses their goals. Students are well poised for satisfying and successful careers in their chosen field.

Why are we different ?

Develop a genuinely well-rounded application

We focus on developing a well-rounded application that reflects the true personality and strengths of the student.

Develop self-knowledge that focuses students' goals

Our personal consultants work closely with individual students not only to enhance their applications, but also to help them on their journey to discover their unique skills, strengths, and personality. By working with APUS, students develop self-knowledge that focuses their goals. Students are well poised for satisfying and successful careers in their chosen field.

Community initiatives

Tri Viet scholarship

Tri Viet Scholarship provides free U.S. College admission counseling and future career mentoring services to support outstanding students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

U.S. College Readiness Program

The U.S. College Readiness Program (C.O.R.E) provides free, objective information related to the U.S. Education system, admission and scholarship applications, and the living and working environment in the U.S.

Our team

Phuong Doan

MPA, Indiana University

Phuong was awarded a Vietnam Young Leaders Scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington. During her two years working as Head of External Relations for the Vietnamese Students and Professionals Association, Phuong developed a deep, first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by young Vietnamese studying in the US. It deepened her commitment to helping students succeed in their U.S. education. Thus, APUS was born. She hopes graduates of these programs will one day return to their country and provide the high-quality human resources that Vietnam’s ever-expanding, high technology economy will need.

Trung Tran

B.A., University of Pennsylvania & M.Ed., Harvard University

Trung Tran graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A, and received a M.Ed. from Harvard University. Over his years abroad, Trung assumed the role of vice president of Scholarship at Phi Theta Kappa’s Beta Delta Omicron Chapter. Trung has been involved in the field of education in a number of roles. During 2009–2010, Trung jointly coordinated a portfolio of multiple education development programs with honor students in Tarrant County, Texas. Notably, his group was applauded for the tutoring project at Sam Houston High School, receiving a 5-star rating from local authorities. At the University of Pennsylvania, Trung provided orientation and advising for newly arrived international students. During 2013 – 2014, Trung was a Technology and Education Fellow at Harvard iLab’s Tandem ED, a benefactor of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, specializing in the delivery of continued academic and professional success for American college- bound students.

Anh Dang

MPA, Indiana University

Anh Dang was awarded the “Vietnam Young Leader Award” to study Policy Analysis at Indiana University. Thuy Anh is a passionate advocate for higher education. One of her major education projects is developing educational assessment materials for the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland in the U.S. As a faculty member of the English Department at Hanoi University, Thuy Anh is particularly enthusiastic about helping students prepare for studying abroad. She firmly believes that with good preparation and guidance from experienced and committed educators, more Vietnamese students will realize their “American dream” and be successful academically, socially and professionally wherever they may live.

Bang Dinh

M.S., Florida State University

Bang Dinh currently works as a Senior Justice Information Systems Analyst for Leon County Board of Commissioners in Florida. With more than a decade of experience working and living in America, he is knowledgeable about the U.S. educational system, culture and business environment. Bang is also the founder of VietPhD (vietphd.org), a vibrant community of Vietnamese students and scholars living around the world. He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia with a Master Degree in Engineering in 1998 and then pursued a doctorate in Information Science from Florida State University.

Tuan Dang

B.S., University of Paris-Saclay & M.S., Bernard Lyon 1 University

After completing his B.A. and M.A. degrees in France, Tuan returned to Vietnam to train talented Vietnamese students at Hanoi-Amersterdam High school for the Gifted and other Vietnamese high schools for international academic competitions. These students have brought home many medals, including the International Junior Science Olympia (IJSO) in India. In 2013, Tuan participated in a training program on Teaching Math and Science subjects in English, organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. Tuan is also the founder of EDU TALK – Vietnam, an education forum connecting talented Vietnamese people who share a passion for the Country’s educational development. In joining APUS, Tuan hopes to improve the skills and knowledge of young Vietnamese seeking to study abroad. He hopes to demonstrate how by taking away values from each education system can lead to their personal and professional success, as well as meaningful contributions to their homeland.

Minh Luu

MPH & PhD, Emory University

In 2013, Minh Luu was awarded a scholarship to the Master Program of Public Health at Emory University. Upon graduation, Emory offered Minh full scholarship to pursue a doctorate in Public Health. By joining APUS, Minh hopes to help Vietnamese students gain admission and scholarship aid to higher education programs in public health in the United States.

Trang Doan

B.A., Indiana University

Trang’s journey in America began in 2009 when she was accepted to two highly regarded boarding schools, Loomis Chaffee and Wyoming Seminary. Trang holds a BA in Public Policy Analysis from Indiana University. After graduation, Trang joined The PrOOF Project, Inc., a consulting organization specialized in providing educational solutions to students and their families in the U.S. With more than 8 years of work-study experience in the U.S, Trang is eager to offer young Vietnamese students the required tools to succeed in applying to and being accepted by top high schools and universities in the U.S.

Han Tran

B.A. Bates College, M.A, The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)

Han Tran graduated from Bates College, USA. During college, she also received Freeman and Trustee’s Fellowship for Internship in Asia and The Fund for American Studies Fellowship to pursue a summer program at the Asia Institute for Political Economy at the University of Hong Kong, accredited by Georgetown University.

After college graduation, Han got into Master Program at American University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, George Washington University, and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). She decided to pursue a Master’s degree in International Affairs on a full ride scholarship from Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

In addition to working experiences at multinational companies in the USA and China, Han also has intensive work experience at the United Nations- ILO, UNICEF, ITC, UNCTAD. Han is the cofounder of many community projects in Viet Nam such as the Vietnam Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Development (VSEED) funded by the US Embassy Ha Noi in 2012, Future’s Smile Project also funded by US Embassy Ha Noi in 2009. She was also the representative of Viet Nam to participate in international youth conferences and programs including APEC 2010 in Japan, APEC 2009 in Singapore, Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Program 2009 in the US, and Asian Youth Forum 2008 in Japan. Since coming back to Vietnam in 2017, Han remains an active member of US Embassy Alumni Program.

My Doan

B.A., City, University of London & MBA, UMass Dartmouth

My attended City University, London, one of the top universities in England. She returned to Vietnam and worked for SeABank and Standard Chartered Bank to gain work experience and prepare for further studies. She received her MBA at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Having studied and benefited from the world’s leading universities, My is passionate about applying her experience to helping students find the right path in their education. She believes study abroad provides a life-changing opportunity for students who are well – prepared and alert to its benefits.

Quynh Duong

B.S., Ohio State University & M.S., University of Georgia

Currently a researcher working on the application of high technology in agriculture, Quynh Duong recognizes that shifts in technology mean shifts in workplace dynamics. She looks forward to helping students discover and define their own path in the changing world of work. Quynh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science & Technology from The Ohio State University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude/Honors Research Distinction. Later, she attended the University of Georgia on full scholarship and received a M.S. in Food Science. At APUS, Quynh will engage students in responsible learning habits and preparation for study abroad. She believes that with foresight and organic development, students can find opportunities abound for them in the U.S academic environment.

Thanh Ngo

B.S./B.A., University of Rochester& Psy.D., Roosevelt University

Thanh Ngo graduated from the University of Rochester with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, where she received a full tuition scholarship with additional financial aid. Currently, Thanh is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University. Thanh has 10 years of experience in teaching standardized test preparation courses for high school students.

Triet Pham

B.A., Indiana University, M.A, Georgetown University

Triet Pham holds a M.A. in European Studies from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and a B.A. with Honors in Political Science from Indiana University, Bloomington. Passionate about international education, he interned with UNESCO’s International Institute of Educational Planning. Later, he worked for the Vietnam Education Foundation – a U.S. Federal Government agency with a mission to promote the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship through STEM educational exchange. Triet joined APUS as a consultant in 2017 to develop strategies for applying to top US undergraduate institutions. In this role, he will mentor students in selecting optimal fields of study, writing application essays, and preparing fully for higher education.

Long Nguyen

Former office manager, VEF

Long Nguyen is a senior consultant, providing education solutions to many students who want to study in the U.S. While serving as the Former Office Manager of the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), Long has made great contributions to the success of Vietnamese scholars in getting admission and full scholarship to U.S. graduate programs. With the desire to create more opportunities for Vietnamese students, Long has participated in the establishment of Topica Online Learning Project while continuing research on effective study- abroad solutions for thousands of Vietnamese students. He joined APUS in the role of a senior advisor and is currently connecting successful U.S. University alumni with our younger students to help with career orientation, study abroad, and long term personal growth.

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