Full application strategy

Our counselors have more than 15 years experience in college admissions, some having made decisions in admission offices of the U.S universities, including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, Emory University and are extremely passionate about their work for many years. Beyond college selection, our counselors assure their students’ applications have a strong overarching theme that aligns with their personal passions, achievements and ambitions. According to statistics, students who participate in our comprehensive counseling program can increase their admission chances by 20-30% compared to the average rate and achieve a satisfaction rate with their college choices of over 50% (based on the criteria of selecting a college that helps optimize their strengths, passions, and aspirations).

Academic support

The depth of our top-scoring tutoring staff allows us to provide not just expert SAT and ACT tutoring, but extensive subject area support. Many of our students supplement their school offerings with additional AP classes/subjects taught by qualified teachers, while our IB students are guided by IB experts in a full range of subject offerings

High-level extracurricular building

Our extracurricular support — provided by hand-picked professionals in their fields — includes the building of complex capstone projects, high level research with college professors, internships with companies, and competitive summer programs in specific areas of interest.

A selective research program for talented students. In the program, the student will work 1-1 with a researcher from a world-class university to produce an independent research project in the field of interest.

An innovative, advanced, entrepreneurial approach to education that is designed to give a high school/college student hands-on, real world experience in global business and entrepreneurship.


We offer virtual, hybrid and on-site prep coaching programs designed to help students practice exam problems and test taking strategies. Students will take mock exams and practice speed and accuracy with challenging problems.

School choice

We offer a comprehensive approach to school consulting, taking into account various factors such as personal and career objectives, academic programs, campus culture, location, financial considerations, and more to help students tailor a best fit school list prior to their submission.

Comprehensive application essay support

Our essay mentors with a top university degree guide students through the entire essay construction process for the personal statement and supplemental essays, including identifying effective topics, building a compelling narrative, and crafting highly specific answers to school-specific supplemental questions.

Application review

Our former admission officers know exactly what goes on in the admissions office thanks to their firsthand experience at the U.S universities. They will review your application to help optimize your chances of admission.

Financial Aid and Merit Scholarship Support

We help students and their families with comprehensive financial aid application support and also, identify merit-based scholarships and external merit scholarship resources prior to submission.

Pre-College Summer Programs & Campus Visits

We offer high school students the opportunities to take classes at a college, experience college life, and connect with the community.

What do our programs include?

ServicesGrades 9-11Grade 12
Full application strategyxx
High-level extracurricular building (Eg: Research, Internship)xx
Academic supportxx
School Choicexx
Comprehensive application essay supportxx
Application review x
Financial Aid and Merit Scholarship Supportxx
Pre-College Summer Programs & Campus Visitsx 



When will the applicant innitiate their program?

After the initial free consultation session with an APUS representative, candidates will sign the contract to officially start the counseling process. The official counseling timeline usually begins approximately 10-12 months before the application deadline and is adjusted according to each candidate's progress.


What types of admission counseling programs does APUS provide?

We offer comprehensive or personalized counseling services for candidates applying to boarding schools, colleges, and graduate programs (Master's or PhD).


Do the admission counseling programs focus only on schools in the United States or do they cover other countries as well?

Our counseling programs focus on the top 100 educational institutions in the U.S (ranked by the US News Rankings). Additionally, candidates have the flexibility to tailor their profiles to apply to institutions in other countries.


What is the main difference between the comprehensive counseling program and the individualized program?

The comprehensive counseling program offers candidates complete guidance on each aspect of the application to maximize their chances of being admitted to their target institutions. On the other hand, the individualized program focuses on specific application components, such as research, internship, competitions, essay editing, and application review, ensuring thorough preparation before submission.

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