Internship Match

We collaborate with industry partners to offer our students a range of internship opportunities that are relevant to their career goals and provide them with the chance to learn from experienced professionals in their field.

Within the program, the participant will:

  • Develop real-world, project based learning strategies to enhance the learning experience, preparing them for college and career.
  • Create unique experiences to allow them to cultivate transformative professional skills, and to gain a competitive advantage in the post-secondary education and professional careers.
  • Help them realize their strengths and passions by exploring and experiencing potential professions, and make informed decisions about their future.
  • Foster an environment to encourage their creative thinking, problem-solving, entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.

Hourly Career Coaching

APUS Careering Mentoring offers a personalized career coaching program to help accelerate a college/graduate student to land the very first job in the field of their choice and sustain a long-term career focus in the U.S.

Within the program, the participant will:

  • A dedicated recruiter in the industry will help foreign job seekers brush up skills and market their resumes to our network of companies to help them successfully land their first job in their field of interest.
  • A resume review coach will work with any job seekers to turn their Resume/CV into an eye-catching, ATS-beating doc that clearly tells hiring managers why they should bring you in for an interview.
  • Any candidate seeking for a job will meet an experienced industry career coach on call to answer any career questions you have, such as career path, mock-interview, job search, networking, etc.

Application timeline

1. Application

Fill out an online application before the deadline.

2. Interview

Shortlisted students will be scheduled for an interview.

3. Mentor Match

Selected students will be matched with an employer or a mentor in their area of professional interest.

4. Start the Program!



Does the program guarantee that participants will successfully find a job in the US?

Most candidates in the Internship Match program have the opportunity to intern or work on an internship project to enhance their real-world experience while studying. As for the Career Mentoring program, it only focuses on helping candidates improve a specific job application skill to optimize their chances of securing the most suitable job.


When do the candidates start their programs?

Once the resume and interview screening rounds with APUS representatives are completed, the candidate will proceed to sign the contract to initiate their program.


Who are suitable for these programs?

The tailored Internship Match program is ideal for high school students, college freshmen, and sophomores who are in search of career guidance or internship opportunities to bolster their resumes and establish a foundation for long-term job applications in the US.

On the other hand, the Career Mentoring program is primarily designed for college students or postgraduates who may need to enhance specific skills in the job application and career development process in the US. Through this program, participants will be linked with experienced career advisors and recruiters in the US, receiving personalized coaching and training to improve their skills.

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