General information

A free counselling program pioneering for Vietnamese students who wants to apply for scholarships from universities in the U.S..After participating in C.O.R.E activities, students are able to:

  • Develop self-understanding
  • Determine their strengths and majors
  • Apply for scholarships from the U.S. universities

Our goals

Provide information and practical experience helping students build an early roadmap applying into top U.S. universities.


Available for students from 9th grade and their parents/guardians.




Online or offline

What makes us different?

Free and detailed guidance for students from lower secondary high school to develop their knowledge, skills and mentality comprehensively before studying abroad.

Main activities

- Webinar series.
- Application counselling.
- Updates on extracurricular activities.

Participant fee

FREE or a small amount that guarantees participants' commitment

What can C.O.R.E offers?

Allow students to understand their strengths and personality, thus selecting their suitable majors and study environment in the U.S.

Strengthen students' application, increase acceptance rate and scholarship opportunities from the top 100 U.S. universities.

Utilize available resources effectively to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Prepare essential skills before studying in the U.S and participating in the labor force.

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10 mil USD

Total scholarship per year

Our team



What is the procedure of APUS primary admission counseling?

To assist students and parents, we first organized a free online counseling meeting among students, parents and one of APUS main counselors. After discussion and our counselor has had an overview of each case, an email about pricing, detailed roadmap for application and suitable programs will be sent to our customer so that they can decide whether to use APUS services.


Where are the activities organized and how much do they cost?

Most activities are held online or offline in big cities of Vietnam. A majortity of the activities are free, apart from some events which will cover a small amount to ensure participants' commitment.


Can I only apply to certain activities that I enjoy among the series of C.O.R.E?

Yes. You can apply separately for each activities or subscribe to our newsletter to receive emails about our annual events via this form.


Does the application counselling cost any fee and how will it be organized?

This is among the three main activities of C.O.R.E and is completely free. Advisor from our program will arrange and help you evaluate the profile in a 20-minute-meeting.


Can I know about the specific activities of each events beforehand?

People who subscribe to our newsletter will receive monthly notification about the program.


5. How can I become a mentor for the program and help Vietnamese students enter top U.S. universities with the minimum cost?

Please send your resume to with the title: "Be a C.O.R.E Mentor" We will contact and arrange an interview with you in a shortest time possible.

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