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APUS brings together dedicated and experienced admissions experts and career advisors who have spent years studying and working in various positions both in academic environments and companies in the United States and around the world.

The members of our team dedicate a lot of time and passion to getting to know their students in both academic and non-academic settings in order to discover their strengths and inclinations. Based on that, they work together with the students and their families to design a tailored roadmap, optimizing their chances of admission to suitable academic institutions and workplaces.

According to statistics, participants in our counseling programs can increase their admission chances by 20-30% compared to the average rate and achieve a satisfaction rate of more than 50%.

At APUS, our experts highly value the "authenticity" of each student's profile. Throughout the guidance process, we actively listen and gather important information from students, and then use that information to provide additional guidance, allowing students to read, explore, and make the most appropriate decisions for themselves.

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